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Who Is Asante McGee

Asante McGee was born into abuse. In an abusive marriage for 11 years, McGee thought abuse equaled love. She had to grow and learn to love; learn how to love herself, her children, and how to show love to others. Through her growth, Asante learned that she could never give up on herself, her children nor her dreams for her future.


As a business owner, Ms. McGee continues to use her platform to speak life into young women and to motivate them to pursue their passions. Throughout her life, McGee had to overcome the naysayers to prove to herself and others that she could achieve her dreams. Now, Asante wants to be the cheerleader that every young girl needs.


Her powerful story of overcoming abuse, learning how to love herself, and how she navigates the pitfalls of life will inspire young women while giving them hope and the roadmap to avoids some of the same traps of life that Asante endured.


Ms. McGee lives in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, where she has three loving children and a grandson.


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